McDonald’s Super-engineered Shake Straw

Interesting … a super-engineered Shake Straw made by McDonald. The perfect tool for all your shakes?

“As part of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day promotions, McDonald’s is debuting a highly engineered, hyper-exclusive straw dubbed the “Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal,” or STRAW for short. It’s only available on two days, February 24th and March 1st, with a scant 2,000 of them spread across the entire country. We managed to get our hands on one, however, and put it to a chocolate-minty test.

For this event, McDonald’s worked with a pair of aerospace engineering companies — the same guys, in fact, who helped spearhead Google’s Project Ara modular phone. The STRAW uses a novel J-shape with five inlet ports: four on the shorter leg and a fifth located at the bottom bend. When properly dipped into a Chocolate Shamrock shake, the four ports on the short leg will pull both chocolate and mint shake in equal proportion from their respective layers. The port at the bottom is designed to suck up the last dredges from the bottom of the cup like a normal straw would once you’re nearly done.”

Source: Engadget




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