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eSIM is Coming Soon From a Provider Near You

June 20, 2017 0

It’s a downright shame that eSIMs aren’t commonplace by now. Embedded-SIM technology has the potential to make getting connected to cellular networks much more convenient, but there hasn’t been a consumer-friendly set of specifications for

Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition Launched

May 23, 2017 0

Now Chinese-owned luxury mobile phone maker — Vertu — have just launched their latest “flagship” — if not for the price — cellphone named SIGNATURE Cobra limited edition on the online shopping site Jingdong Mall.   The Vertu SIGNATURE

Upcoming iPhone Schematic Leaks Online

May 14, 2017 0

A purported iPhone 8 schematic has surfaced online a few days ago, indicating the possible design. Now another, more detailed schematic has leaked, but without any accompanying information on hardware, except for the Taptic engine

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