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iClever Wireless Audio Review Round Up

September 26, 2016 0

Today we will be covering the BTH07, BTH06, and a Dual 10W Bluetooth Speaker all from iClever. If you have ever been searching for these type of devices on Amazon you may have come across this

ASRock E3V5 WS Workstation Motherboard Review

September 16, 2016 0

This is the review of the ASRock E3V5 WS Workstation Motherboard. We are used to see ASRock motherboards in a desktop computers designed for home entertainment. However ASRock is also one of the leading manufacturers

Thermaltake TTMod Sleeve Cable Review

September 15, 2016 0

Customize your system build with the Thermaltake sleeved modular cable set. With three-layered design: Outer ultra-density weaving, the middle insulating layer with acid and alkali-resistance, fuel resistance, damp proof, and mildew proof features, and inner

Shuttle XPC Nano NC02U5 Review

September 7, 2016 0

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Shuttle XPC Nano NC02U5, and putting it through its paces to see just how functional it is around the home. A big thank you goes out

Sennheiser HD 800S Headphones Review

September 2, 2016 0

We have all wondered why audiophiles spend a sizable chunk of their wages on a good set of headphones; you ask yourself if headphones for that much amount of dosh can really be that good.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset Review

September 1, 2016 1

Its not often that the words ‘budget’ and ‘quality’ go side by side, and when it comes to audio equipment, its rare that any piece of equipment ticks both categories. Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Core gaming

Syllable D700-2017 Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

August 31, 2016 0

While you are going through your fitness routine or doing a couple of laps jogging around the block, there’s nothing better than doing it listening to your favourite tunes, but its also annoying getting tangled

COUGAR Panzer Max Chassis Review

August 31, 2016 0

The Panzer Max case, new from COUGAR Gaming, is a full tower gaming case that has been designed with gamers, overclockers, modders and professional level computer lovers in mind.  It provides you with unprecedented levels of

Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Chassis Review

August 30, 2016 0

Today we will be covering the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3. Nothing is better than the smaller version of something great, right? Well with the Pro 3 we have just that. We get everything good

Lian-Li Pitstop T60 Test Bench Review

August 29, 2016 0

The Lian-Li Pitstop T60 Test Bench – Revisited. Although the Pitstop T60 has been around since 2010, it’s still one of the most popular test bench chassis you can get. Why? Well, it’s light-weight, robust, portable

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