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For those who are lucky enough to own an Apple TV along with an iPhone 4S or iPad2 (or later models), you have the added bonus of using Apple's AirPlay. It's a way of sharing your media and music via a wireless connection. This feature also allows "mirroring" which is great for sharing and seeing the contents of your iPhone/iPad on a big screen TV. Unfortunately, this AirPlay feature is ONLY available for iPhone 4S, iPad2 or above.


So what if you still own a standard iPhone 4? Can't I wirelessly share my content? Well, you're in luck ... Thanks to iCirround, they've come up with a device that allows you to do wireless media sharing just like on Apple's AirPlay, and it works for iPhone 4 or 4S.

Like all accessories that's made specifically for a certain brand or model, the iCirround AirMedia has a short shelf-life. It's only compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, which is a bit of a bummer, especically when Apple has already announced and launche the their latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Unless they produce a MediaPad that fits the iPhone 5 ... this product could be heading towards the "endangered species" of 3rd party accessories.

Anyway, enough blabbling ... Now here's a little somethimg about the iCirround company.

iCIRROUND, the branding conceptualized on design and share, is named from “surround”, which means that audio with high acoustics is always around the life. The slogan of “Relaxing, Simplicity, and Lifestyle” expresses our core value.

The logo is represented as eyes and hears to embody our brand core value and delivers innovation product to users’ lives. We utilize the latest wireless technology to deliver relaxed and free life experience when people stay at home. The target of design concept is to make users’ life simpler and more convenient, and for the generalized meaning is to share the cheerful life to others. The visionary approach of us is to change your lifestyle and home furnishings.

iCIRROUND’s adventurous spirit represents wireless connection and unlimited extension, and provides technological and aesthetic products that exceed the users’ expectations. These are encapsulated in our brand value – “Surround the World, Create the Future”




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