Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU Water Block (Polished Clear Version) Review

Alphacool has released new version of their already successful water block for processors – Eisblock XPX. This time it’s clear version which is made of nylon instead of plexi which is used by most other manufacturers. New material is more durable and should last for much longer.

The Eisblock XPX also looks great what you can see on the photos in this review.

Let’s begin with a couple of words from Alphacool.


The Alphacool Eisblock XPX cooler is the newest innovation in the field of CPU cooling, developed by us. The coolers performance has gotten a major upgrade compared to its predecessor. This was only possible because we completely re-developed CPU cooling.

We also took a new approach in design, with the sandblasted aluminum cover and the illuminated Alphacool logo. The brackets and screw caps that cover the mounting screws are color matched with the cooler and provide a clean finishing touch. All visible parts of the cooler are also interchangeable. We offer our customers completely new creative freedom.



Clear Versions

We proudly introduce two new members of the XPX Eisblock family. The Eisblock XPX Clear are the first watercoolers worldwide to be built partially with transparent nylon.

Compared to conventional Plexiglas, transparent nylon is much more resistant to tension strain and tearing, and of course to high temperature differences. This minimizes the risk of cracks in the surface. In terms of appearance, Alphacool is setting a new standard and polishing not just the surface of the cooler, but also the insides of the water-bearing channels. This means the cooler is clear as glass. The satin version’s milky surface creates a whole new look when paired with the right lighting. It looks especially good with vivid colours.

Of course, just like with a normal XPX Eisblock, the frame can be replaced with one in a different colour.



In order to create space for individualization, modding sets are offered in different colors. These include color matching caps, brackets and screw caps, as well as various logo inserts. This way, every user can build a cooler in whatever color they desire while also owning one of – if not the – most high-performance CPU coolers on the current market.

Technical Details

To ensure the water flows into the prechamber centered, Alphacool developed and patented a “ramp”. This prevents the formation of turbulences while the liquid flows into the cooling fins and provides an even water pressure. This single innovation leads to a noticeable improvement in the cooling performance.Additionally, Alphacool also uses a double distributor, which ensures uniform water distribution on the cooling fins. At the same time, the distributor reduces the flow resistance. It’s a simple feature, with vast impact on the cooling performance. Paired with the ramp, this means the pump pressure plays little to no role in the performance of the cooler anymore. You can turn the pump power down and run your system even more quietly without losing any cooling power.

Furthermore the fin structure was refined to 0.2mm and the fin count raised to 81 fins. This results in a much larger cooling surface through which water can flow. The bottom area of the XPX Eisblock has been optimized for CPUs with large DIE, as the cooling surface onto which the water actually flows was enlarged to 34 x 32mm, meaning even large 10 core CPUs present no problem.


Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features of the Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU Water Block. Buy now from Amazon for only $69.99.


Specifications and Features

The Alphacool XPX is compatible with all popular desktop sockets what also includes the latest AM4 for AMD Ryzen processors.

As you see on the below picture, the Alphacool XPX is quite complex. There are many parts which are affecting water flow to deliver top performance.


Package and its contents

The Eisblock XPX has arrived in a quite nice and solid box. There is not much description outside but one product photo and a product name tell us what we can expect to find inside.

Inside the package we can find well protected CPU block but also AMD and Intel mounting kits, manuals and additional parts which can be useful for installation. There is also XPX Xtreme thermal grease which is about the same as Gelid Xtreme so about the best thermal material which you can get on the market.


Closer Look

The Alphacool XPX has top made of nylon which is really nice change comparing to typical plexi tops which were cracking under higher pressure (near fitting holes). We hope that new material will let Eisblock to shine for much longer.

The water block itself looks great. We have polished clear version but there is also satin clear available in stores. I think that this crystal clear looks amazing and you will see some more on the photos below. It’s just hard to describe it with words.

Base of the block is well polished. As you can see there is nearly mirror finish.

This is how XPX Eisblock looks like inside. Everything except fins look great. Fins are discolored what won’t affect performance, it just looks weird. You can’t really see that when top is installed and you won’t see it when the water block will be installed on the processor.

Fins are covering large part of the base what is good for processors with large IHS where contact surface is larger. Recently most processors have large IHS like new AMD Ryzen or last Intel Broadwell-E series.

On the XPX Eisblock can be installed really large fittings. We’ve used 10/16 compression fittings which are quite big but as you can see there is still a lot of space between them.

At the end of this page, gallery made with lighting from ASUS Maximus IX APEX motherboard. The XPX Eisblock has holes to install LEDs but if you have one of the new motherboards with RGB lighting then it will look great without it.

Now let’s check how the XPX Eisblock performs in our tests.



Performance has been tested using custom water cooling loop which contains two 360mm radiators and 120l/h pump. Connected was only CPU water block. Graphics card was using stock air cooler.

Test platform base on the Intel i7 7700K processor set to 4.2GHz 1.2V for the comparison purposes. At these settings you can compare it to typical 6700K or other Intel processor at about 100W TDP.

The mixed tests are based on the PCMark 8 test set. This comparative test uses popular applications, so it is close to the typical workload at home and in the office.

Maximum temperature was tested in AIDA64 stability test – CPU/FPU tests only.

In our tests, the Eisblock is showing the best performance. It’s better than previously used EK Supermacy by 5°C under full load what is a huge and unexpected difference. I’ve already noticed underperforming on the custom water loop side in previous reviews so now we know what was causing that. Or maybe Alphacool XPX is simply so much better ? It doesn’t change the fact that the Eisblock is performing great and right now is offering the best cooling for our 7700K processor.

Below you can see a graph with the same results as in the table above.

The Alphacool Eisblock XPX is proving that there is still something to improve in water blocks. On the other hand AIO water cooling kits like Alphacool Eisbaer are not much worse than the custom kits so sometimes AIO can be better option and for sure easier to install for less advanced users.

Our 7700K processor can be easily overclocked to 5GHz and beyond while maximum temperature is about 80°C in CPU/FPU Prime95 tests and in low 70 in AIDA64 CPU/FPU. Most coolers from our comparison couldn’t handle these settings.

Enthusiasts and overclockers will for sure like new Alphacool CPU block which combines high performance and interesting design.


Conclusion and Verdict

The Eisblock XPX is a great performing CPU water block. It beats everything we had a chance to test. At the same time it looks great and is fully compatible with various water cooling components, like large fittings.

Alphacool decided to make additional holes for LEDs but if you have a motherboard like ASUS Maximus IX APEX then it will provide enough light to make the Eisblock shine in the dark.

The Eisblock XPX is compatible with nearly all modern desktop sockets except maybe AM1 but I don’t think I’ve seen any water block for this socket and I doubt that any manufacturer will decide to make one.

The Eisblock is designed for large processors so will be great for enthusiast line of AMD and Intel series. In the package we have AM4 mounting kit and I guess that soon will be released Skylake-X kit as these processor will appear on the market in about a month. I’m not sure if current Intel kit will support LGA2066. We will find out soon.

The Eisblock XPX is available for as low as $67 on Amazon. However clear version just appeared on the market and is not available in all stores yet. Right now we can find it in Aquatuning store for about €74. A bit more expensive but still in good price. Now many competitive products can match this performance and most of them cost more.


Final words

The Alphacool Eisblock XPX Clear is one of the best water blocks on the market. It combines high performance, great looks and reasonable price. All that makes it a perfect product for enthusiasts, overclockers and modders.

It’s just hard not to recommend the Eisblock XPX which receives well deserved Editor’s Choice Award!