X2 Eclipse Advanced Universal Tower CPU Cooler Review

Some time ago we had a chance to review X2 chassis so now it’s time on a different product which is also dedicated for gamers – Eclipse Advanced CPU cooler. X2 has one CPU cooler in it’s offer but it’s dedicated to all modern desktop platforms ( excluding AM4 socket which isn’t out yet ).

X2 Eclipse Advanced will be presented on Intel Kaby Lake platform. Let’s begin with a short introduction and general product description.

Product Highlights:


The Eclipse Advanced universal CPU cooler is ideally suited for those who require more performance and reliability than would be encountered in a generic cooler. One of the amenities of this unique CPU cooler is the fact that its rather universal build which enables it to be compatible with all processors such as the AMD, AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2 and the Intel LGA775/i3/i5/i7 and LGA2011 models. Build with five copper heat-pipes with a diameter of 8mm which not only boost the performance but also make an impressive appearance. Suited for a gamer or anyone who requires overclocking to achieve faster core speeds the Eclipse Advanced by X2 guarantees superior processor cooling. Pre-mounted with two proprietary Nano-Tech bearing fans of 120mm boasting a lifespan of approximately seventy thousand hours alongside the aforementioned heat-pipes to further increase cooling capacity up to 200W TDP (Thermal Design Power). The Eclipse Advanced is packed with a universal set of mounting clip and a grease injection tube to have you up and running in no time! Backed by our award winning service and 2 years warranty.


Let’s check out the specifications and contents in our next page. Buy the X2 Eclipse IV CPU Cooler from Amazon –

Package and its Contents

 X2 Eclipse Advanced cooler has arrived in a retail package which is a box with general specification and some additional description on the outside.


Below you can see additional photos of the package.

Inside there is well protected cooler and additional contents like mounting kit for probably all modern desktop processors except AM1 and AM4 sockets. AM1 is simply too small and AM4 just had its premiere. I assume that mounting kit for AM4 will be available soon as looking at the specification, X2 Eclipse can handle any available AMD Ryzen processor.


On the attached photos you can see what is inside small white box. There are mounting kits, thermal grease and user’s manual. Everything you may need to install your new cooler.


X2 Eclipse is designed to support all available processors so its base is quite large. On our test processor three heatpipes out of five are fully touching CPU surface. On Haswell-E/Broadwell-E processor all heatpipes would be in full use.

Below you can check how base of the cooler looks like. Copper heatpipes have direct contact with CPU.

X2 Eclipse looks similar to many other high end tower coolers but somehow it looks different. Not many available coolers are whole black. I mean everything is black. Heatpipes and cooler fins have exactly the same color. It was hard to make photos which are showing the details but I hope you can see everything.



X2 Eclipse Advanced looks simply great. A bit worse present fans. I’m not sure why rubber pads are only on one side of the fans and can’t be installed on the other side of the frame. It doesn’t change fact that rubber plugs are not letting them to vibrate and all is really quiet. Fans really work better than they look and are quite powerful. Declared speed is between 500 and 2000 RPM. Test motherboard couldn’t read fan speed. Probably because both are connected via the same cable to one connector. However based on my experience I can tell that speed during most tests was below 1000 RPM. Louder noise was appearing at longer full load on overvolted CPU and was still acceptable.


Installation isn’t hard and is similar to what we have to do installing most other high end coolers. All is well described in the manual and I recommend to check it at least to know which parts use for installation.

I don’t have much more to add as everything seems clear looking at the photos. X2 Eclipse is quite unique even though it has popular tower build. I guess that all those who care about quiet work and those who are building whole black computers will be interested in this design.



Tests were performed on Intel i7 7700K processor at 1.2V what let it to run at 4.8GHz. It’s about the same wattage as you can expect from i7 6700K at 1.20V.

All tests were performed on an open rig but you can compare it to a case with good airflow.

Let’s take a look at test results:

X2 Eclipse is better than Scythe Kabuto 3 but is performing a bit worse than higher Scythe coolers – Mugen 5 and Ninja 4. Difference isn’t high and overall temperature is low. As I mentioned, these settings let us to overclock i7 7700K processor to 4.8GHz and keep whole PC quiet. Higher fan speed lets us to lower temperature by couple of degrees more but it will generate additional noise. It’s possible to keep 7700K at 5GHz if we get good sample which won’t require too high voltage.


X2 Eclipse Advanced is good enough to handle every available desktop processor on the market what includes higher or lower overclocking. Manufacturer is declaring maximum wattage of processors at about 200W what is about twice as much as most popular Intel series and most AMD except maybe the highest FX which are rated at 200W. The same maximum supported TDP have competitive products.

X2 Eclipse Advanced performs great and has well balanced fan speed what is helping to keep low noise during CPU load. I guess that most users will be fully satisfied of this product while more demanding users should look at the higher water cooling series.


Conclusion and Verdict

X2 Eclipse Advanced is well performing cooler which is supporting nearly all desktop processors ( excluding AM1 and AM4 sockets ). It performs great but also looks great. Not many coolers are painted whole black what gives somehow unique looks. Fans design is not the best but they also perform well and are quiet till we force them to run at full speed.

The only issue for end-users can be the price. MSRP is € 74.95 but in stores like Amazon I can see it for about € 100. That’s for sure not cheap and it’s easy to find less expensive coolers which are offering similar performance.


X2 Eclipse Advanced is a good option for all who are looking for well performing CPU cooler and we can clearly recommend it as one. It also looks great so all enthusiasts who want to keep their PC in black colors will be satisfied. X2 is offering 5 year warranty what is also great. Everything seems perfect till we take a look at the price. It’s simply too high.

We are recommending X2 Eclipse Advanced as a well performing, high end product! Buy the X2 Eclipse IV CPU Cooler from Amazon –