SteelSeries Siberia V2 HyperX Edition Gaming Headset Review

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Kingston has recently extended HyperX product line with blue/black version of award-winning SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset. This headset is mainly dedicated for gamers but not only. What more, it has been approved by professional gaming teams like NaVi, Incredible Miracle and SK Gaming.


HyperX SiberiaV2 headset 21


Let's find out how much is worth HyperX SteelSeries Siberia V2 Special Edition Headset is in our review. We'll start off with couple of words from both brands which cooperated while creating HyperX Siberia V2 headset.



"Get your head in the game and kick your opponents’ backsides with this premium, limited edition headset. In classic HyperX® black and blue (like the other guy will be), it amps up your game with 50mm driver units delivering rich and dramatic soundscapes, from immersive background music to precise 3D positional sounds of footsteps and gunfire to add to your experience. Plus, you’ll look cool while you’re playing, thanks to the award-winning Siberia V2 design."

HyperX SiberiaV2 headset 11


"From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying! ...

... At SteelSeries, we develop our products with a small internal team and a vast network of technology partners, channel partners, game publishers, and gaming communities around the globe. We aren’t afraid of being challenged and implementing new ideas. Our main goal is to always to listen to the collective feedback of our professional gaming community."


This partnership looks very promissing especially that both companies offer high quality products dedicated for gamers. Let's find out how HyperX Siberia V2 headset presents in our review.


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Posted: 6 months 3 weeks ago by Madmax #8647
Madmax's Avatar
It looks absolutely amazing ... I hope it sounds just as good as it looks!

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