Sharkoon Shark Blades: Silent Fan in Shark Design

January 20, 2014 0

Sharkoon, a manufacturer of PC cooling solutions, chassis, accessories, and much more, has recently introduced the Shark Blades fan series in the 120mm flavor. These are available in the black/yellow, black/red, black/blue and black/green color

Sharkoon announces the REX Water Cooling Edition Midi Tower

December 6, 2013 0

We have to be excited about all of the recently announced hardware lately. Sharkoon, a global leader in high-quality manufactured PC chassis, external and internal storage solutions, and specially designed headsets for gaming consoles; has recently

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Chassis Review

November 18, 2013 0

When a consumer is shopping for their next computer chassis, a number of traits can come into play to help make the final decision. Whether the consumer is focusing on cooling, functions, bling, aesthetics, or simplicity; there is a chassis for

Corsair Blends Flash and Flexibility in New Graphite Series 230T PC Case

October 16, 2013 0

  Corsair, founded in 1994, is a world leader and supplier of high performance products such as power supplies, chassis, accessories, cooling products, and much more. Corsair has recently announced a new addition to the popular Graphite Series, the

DEEPCOOL Presents PANGU Mid-Tower Computer Case

September 27, 2013 0

  Deepcool, a leading manufacturer of desktop CPU coolers, case fans, and notebook coolers, have now officially released its first computer case. The beginning of an era of cooling-focused cases begins with the PANGU ATX Mid-tower computer case,

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