Zalman U3M32 32GB SLC USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

May 29, 2013 0

Zalman is well known, mainly for their high quality cooling solutions and computer cases. There are not many computer enthusiasts who have never heard about this brand. Today we are going to present 32GB SLC

Blackberry Z10 Smartphone Review

May 24, 2013 0

With so many smartphones on the market today, can Blackberry really survive? Back in the hey day, Blackberry was once a major player. Their selling point was smartphones that were easy-to-use, featuring a full built-in

SunVPN – What can a VPN service do for you

May 22, 2013 0

The Internet is not a safe place anymore. With so many dangers just a click away, Internet users are becoming more and more accustomed with a popular service many use for better Internet security and

How to stream movies and audio from outside US

May 15, 2013 0

Absolutely FREE service from … Watch Netflix, MTV, CBS, Hulu & more outside the U.S. Do you want to stream video or audio from U.S.-based on-demand Internet streaming media providers but can’t get in

Steelseries Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Mouse Review

May 14, 2013 0

Meeting with Steelseries at CES we briefly spoke about their [RAW] series of products. Basically they are cut down versions of their high-end expensive products. Instead of cutting performance, all the performance parts and some

How to stay safe from Firesheep

May 3, 2013 0

If you are an Internet cafe surfer you should know you are facing a great risk, in the form of an easy-to-use but very effective data sniffing tool: Firesheep. This Firefox plugin can grant anyone

Apple’s new iPhone photos leaked

May 1, 2013 0

Apple have always been a company to keep everyone in as much suspense as possible, it’s all part of their plan to keep us fascinated with them. It’s Apple’s tremendous effort in marketing and branding