Picking The Right Ergonomic Chair For Gaming

Many of us expose our backs to tension on a daily basis, resulting in back pains. If you’re a regular gamer, minding about your sitting comfort and posture is critical. Failing to use the right type of chair and slouching while indulging in modern games are some of the main reasons for back pains. A great ergonomic gaming chair can not only help prevent any back injury but also increase your concentration rates and the chances of winning in a video game.  


Whenever you play a game while comfortable, all your attention will be directed towards the game instead of how to get to a comfortable sitting position. However, not every gaming chair out there will be worth your while, and learning how to pick the right one can protect you from a future fraught with back pains.

Here are a few features to look for in gaming chairs:


Seat Height Adjustment

Who will most likely use your gaming chair? In case you have kids or even adult friends with whom you game, then looking for a chair that allows height adjustment to be possible is a wise choice. This will offer your flexibility since you can easily adjust the chair to the user’s height or preference. Height adjustability will ensure less stress on your knees and lumbar as you play. Look for a chair that will also allow you to manipulate the alignment of your thigh to the ground. The ideal chair should make it possible for your thighs to be parallel with the floor.

When it comes to adjustments, look for a guide on gaming chairs that provides you with details about pneumatic height adjustment. This choice will ensure that you can adjust the height of your chair while sitting on it. Consequently, it will be quite easy for the user to adjust it to an accurately favorable position.


Armrest Considerations

While some games will need you to support your arm while playing, others will not require any arm support at all. In case you typically play PC games which require you to use the keyboard, then a high armrest will offer you enough support to prevent any arm injury or fatigue. Additionally, a chair that will be used by multiple players should have a height adjustable armrest for personalization and optimal comfort.

For games that do not require you to support your arms, use a chair that has an adjustable armrest whose lowest point is just below the level of your thigh. Alternatively, a swing back arm will ensure that you can push the arm out of your way when playing games that do not require you to use it. Lastly, consider choosing arms that are fore-aft and width adjustable to make personalization pretty easy.


Lumbar Support

Sitting for too long without enough back support can lead to slouching which result in a lumbar injury due to it weakening. The lumbar spine typically curves inwards into the body, and it needs enough support to remain in the same state, according to Spine-health.com. As a result, the lower back support is a feature that should never be ignored when picking a gaming chair.

The perfect lumbar support feature should offer you both depth and height adjustment. As you raise the chair, so should the lumbar support move vertically to accommodate taller gamers. A fixed lumbar support depth will only be helpful enough if it suits you, and if you will be the only user of the chair.


Seat Pan Size

The ideal seat pan size should support most parts of your upper leg, but it shouldn’t allow the backside of your knees to touch with its front edge. As for the width, the chair should at least be an inch wider than your hips for optimal comfort. However, you should still find it easy to place your arms on the armrest without having to stretch them at all.

Consider picking a seat that makes room for pan depth adjustment to allow you to use its lumbar support. You can use a front depth adjuster to slide the seat pan either inwards or outwards while seating. Alternatively, work with one that has a back depth adjuster to help move the back of the seat to a suitable position.


Back Angle Adjustment

Some games are best played while seated at an inclined angle which makes buying a chair with back angle adjustment features a wise move. Furthermore, seating at a reclined position transfers the role of body weight support to your chair and results in less stress on your lower back. In fact, back muscle activity and the lumbar pressure will be at nearly the lowest levels when using chairs at 110°- 130°.

Choose an ergonomic gaming chair with back angle adjustment mechanism to make it flexible enough for anyone to use. The ideal choice should allow you to both adjust and lock the chair in the new position to prevent falling backwards or returning to the upright angle.


Compatibility with Other Gadgets

Pay attention to the features of your chair of choice that make it compatible with other devices. For instance, PC gamers will typically need a seat that has an area to place their mouse, especially if they are using a wireless one. Otherwise, they might require to buy a special stand for their other needs.


Other features include pockets for the console pads, areas to place tumblers and even speakers for enhancing the gaming experience. In case you find it tough to purchase a chair that comes personalized with your desired features, work with a chair that allows for some level of customization.


Pay Attention to the Base

The last thing you need when gaming is to tip over while reclining with your chair. An ideal ergonomic chair should have a five-spoke base to reduce the chances of tipping over. Four-spoke chairs aren’t ideal for gaming as they tend to tip over quite easily.

In case you aim at using chairs with wheels, ensure the wheels are durable to get the most bang for your buck. Using rubberized wheels will help protect your floor from damage. It will also prevent irritating your family members or friends while moving around with the chair.



Your love for gaming should by never mean compromising your health and well-being. Comfort, health, flexibility, and aesthetics should all be priorities when choosing a gaming chair to promote sustainable gaming. Choose a chair with the above features to keep low back injuries at bay while enjoying an amazing gaming experience.


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