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A rarity in the Nangang Exhibition Centre for any Computex is a booth from a manufacturer outside of Asian, and along with Noctua, Alphacool are ever present with their innovative water cooling hardware.

Don’t let the relatively smaller booth fool you, Alphacool came prepared and packed out their booth with all sorts of new goodies.

NexXxoS Silver Nickel Radiator

First up is the Alphacool NexXxoS Silver Nickel Radiator….a spelling mistake waiting the happen. The NexXxoS Silver Nickel Radiator has nickel plated fins and stainless steel side panels. At its heart, this is still a copper radiator for the best thermal transfers. However, you’ll be able to keep the matte finish, polish them, engrave them, paint them, it’s really up to you. It’ll be available in 240, 280, 360mm lengths as well as 30 and 45mm thicknesses.

Alphacool stresses that your coolant will only make contact with the copper components, so no danger of mixing metals.



We were then shown the new Eisbaer Extreme AIO range. The Eisbaer Extreme houses the radiator, pump, and 200 ml reservoir inside a thick shroud that features a fill port on the top of the radiator which should make filling and bleeding easier. Two 140mm Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans cool the radiator and the power cables are routed out through a single port on the shroud to make cable management easier. The current radiator option is a 280mm model but 240mm and 360mm version are reportedly also in the works. Because the reservoir and D5 pump are housed within the radiator shroud, the radiator portion is quite thick and much longer than a normal 280mm radiator which is an important consideration for SFF builds which may not have enough clearance for it depending on the case.

One of my personal favourite features of the Eisbaer Extreme AIO cooler is the use of quick release fittings in the tubing, secure yet super easy to disconnect and drain your system.



These are the new Eiszyklon RGB fans designed specifically for Alphacool radiators. Capable of providing very high static pressure at the lowest noise level possible, these fans are built on a hydraulic bearing to ensure a longer life expectancy while the decoupled frames helps to minimize operating noise. The Eiszyklon RGB fans are offered in two versions. The normal Eiszyklon variant comes 21 RGB LEDs while the Eiszyklon LT variant has 15 RGB LEDs.



Released nearly a year ago, the Eiskoffer Bending Kit is still impressive when you get to look at its contents closely. All sorts of cutters (and there’s a hacksaw on the right), angled bends and everything you will need to make your custom loop.

And of course, being watercooling company, Alphacool displayed some great water-cooled mods!


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