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ASRock was once part of ASUS but spun off to compete in the OEM market, and when they did started releasing motherboards to consumers, many people considered their products an inferior cheaper brand. Nowadays ASRock is considered one of the main players in the consumer motherboards industry, producing some great motherboards, with some of the best overclocks achieved on them. Every year at Computex, ASRock never disappoints with their array of latest hardware components being showcased, and this year was no exception.

Let’s keep Winston happy and start off with ASRock’s mining solutions.

At last year’s Computex, ASRock were one of just a few manufacturers showcasing a mining setup, and this year they have released new crypto-mining motherboards; the X370 Pro BTC+ and the J3455 Pro BTC+, both will take 8 graphic cards directly into their PCIe 16x slots. The latter model has a low powered CPU already built in, saving energy, heat and costs.

The mining rig they showcased was a complete solution you can buy from ASRock. In the demonstration setup they had the J3455 Pro BTC+ motherboard inside with 8 graphics cards already installed. There 2 power supplies inside the case, an ATX one suppling 12v to the motherboard, and a server power supply providing the power to the 8 graphics card. The case itself is not all that pretty, and airflow was their main priority in cooling the graphics cards, with 6 4200rpm rated noisy fans removing the hot air inside the case.

AMD has yet to release the B450 chipset but that didn’t stop ASRock showcasing FOUR motherboards with this new chipset. Pictured above is the full ATX-sized version, the B450 Gaming K4 is ASRock’s standard ATX offering. There’s a nine-phase VRM present drawing power from a single 8-pin EPS connector. The motherboard is equipped with four DDR4 memory slots that support frequencies that scale all the way up to 3,200MHz through overclocking. The motherboard also features two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and four PCIe 2.0 x1 slots. This opens the door to the possibility of running an AMD Quad CrossFireX configuration on this motherboard.



The other 3 B450 chipset motherboards in the lineup are the micro-ATX sized B450M-HDV and B450M Pro4 and the micro-ITX B450 Gaming-ITX/AC.

ASRock started producing their own line of graphics cards this year, so they were proud to display their entire range of AMD cards ranging from the RX550 to RX Vega. In the demonstration setup above, there’s 2 RX Vegas in there running in crossfire mode.

Hidden along the inner shelves of the booths were the mods!

…and of course ASRock had some of the prettiest booth babes!

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