Computex 2018: Best of the Rest

So that was it for Computex 2018, lots of sweat, swearing and lots of fun. We had a great time reconnecting with people in the trade and making new friends….that was after they had to put up with us.

We saw great new products, great mods, and great people. There was so much more going on at Computex 2018, so to finish off, here’s the bits we didn’t have time to write about.

There was the Inception Wall by Cooler Master….



Bitpower has some kickass mods of display.

…but those weren’t the only mods at Computex 2018….

Plenty of booths we could not squeeze in….

Some items to satisfy my recent keyboard fetish….

Some cute robots….

More chassis, RAM, graphics cards and accessories….

So that’s it for Computex 2018…….we look forward to next year’s Computex 2019!!!

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