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At every year’s Computex, one of the loudest and most glaring booths we ever come across has to be Colorful. Whilst many PC builders in the west may not know much about Colorful, they are the number brand in terms of sales of graphics cards in China, and to put that into perspective, the number of PC gamers in China surpassed the entire population of the US a few years ago, with the market growing exponentially year upon year.

Finding the new (or upcoming) products within Colorful’s booth was quite difficult. Colorful chose to display nearly all of their current extensive range of hardware, and in amongst them were the gems which we wanted to see. Many times we were looking what we thought was one of their latest motherboard/graphics card, but minutes later was informed that it was not something new….

One of the first pieces of hardware we were ushered to was Colorful’s latest and greatest addition to their range of graphics cards, the iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC. This graphics card feature’s their own Sworizer cooler with an integrated LCD display panel at the top displaying the card’s information allowing you to monitor it’s status and performance, that is if you mount the graphics card conventionally as if you mount it in any different orientation you may find the LCD display somewhat obscured.



Winston got all excited when he saw the iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC, thinking it was a GTX1180…..I haven’t told him yet. iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC as it’s name suggests enables you to overclock it even further, and it’s as simple as pressing a button near the output ports, one click and away you go.

Colorful was keen to showcase their Gamer Customization range of hardware, including the current flagship iGame Z370 Vulcan X motherboard, which to be honest was released several months ago.

What was more eye-catching, aside from the booth babes, were the array of the mods Colorful had on display.



But the most impressive mod was one which utilised immersive cooling, a theme we will see in other mods displayed in other booths later on.


The photo above just doesn’t do this mod’s immersive cooling any justice, so you’ll have to wait for the video to see it in action. To pump and circulate the coolant around the mod, and through the radiator to disperse the heat, a Bykski water cooling system was used along with Bykski’s own B-710 coolant, and boy is it hard to find any information about this on the internet, but if it is anything like the 3M’s equivalent, this will have a boiling point of 60C. The chassis for the mod is the Viper ATX, also manufactured by Bykski.

Did I mention booth babes?



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