Computex 2018: Cooler Master

Of all the PC accessories manufacturers at Computex 2018, the biggest booth belonged to Cooler Master, and it was no surprise that they were there in force to show off their vast range of new products; both available and ‘soon to be released’.

My first Cooler Master chassis was well over 2 decades ago, I can’t recall the model number anymore but it oozed in class and style. At the forefront of the booth were 2 new chassis’ on display.

First up was the Cooler Master Cosmo C700 – Maker Version. The standout feature for this chassis is the ability to let you mount the motherboard in 3 different orientations: regular (with I/O panel at the back), chimney (I/O panel at the top), or invert (I/O panel at the front). This lets PC builders to have an increased control on the layout of the hardware components, and so some very interesting builds. To go along with the different motherboard orientations that you can have, Cooler Master has also installed a new VGA holder inside the Cosmo C700 so you can mount your graphics card in whatever orientation or position that you want.

The Cosmo C700 also has addressable RGB which lets you customise each individual LED within the chassis……..and there’s a lot of them. Like most of the Cosmo range, the front panel is removable, with the contact RGB connects at the rear of the front panel keeping the amount of wires down to the minimum. This model is still in the design stages and Cooler Master is looking to launch this around CES next year.

The other chassis that caught our attention was the Mastermaker SL600M. This chassis is even sleaker looking than the Cosmo C700 with Cooler Master having had a good look at the internal layout of a modern PC and redesigned it. Whilst the bottom rear area of a PC is normally reserved for the power supply, Cooler Master has moved the power supply to the top front of the PC, leaving the bottom plate completely empty except for 2 massive 200mm fans. Unobstructed, these huge fans blow air up from the bottom of the chassis, and expels out from the vents at the top of the SL600M, taking into account warm convection currents within the chassis, this will turn out to be an even more efficient way to cool your system.



One other feature of the SL600M that has been really thought out is the addition of a motion detector at the front of the chassis. With customisable configurations, you can have the chassis switch off all the RGB lighting within it, perfect for when you go to sleep but keep the system running or not have the RGB lighting affect your monitor display colours during colour critical work.

Thermal electric coolers has been around for a long time now, but it was always a messy job having to shim down heatsinks and water blocks to fit a peltier plate onto the CPU. Cooler Master showed off a prototype AIO solution which takes away the need to mess around with all the DIY bits, enabling you to concentrate on overclocking your CPU even more with the added temperature drop from a peltier cooler.

The thermal electric cooler converts liquid at ambient temperature into icy cold water to cool the processor. The pump itself is manufactured from aluminum, and Cooler Master has added addressable RGB lighting to it to give it a little bling. Consumers can control and customize the lighting to their liking through Cooler Master’s special LightingControl software.



As this is still a prototype, expect improved aesthetics in the final product such as sleeved tubing and RGB fans.

Additionally, Cooler Master also showcased water cooling radiators that has RGB lighting built-in…….more bling!

Cooler Master’s older MasterLiquid Pro AIO series has had a slight revamp, with new RGB and a remodelled looking pump. Another prototype on display from Cooler Master was the Master Fan MF RGB with each fan contain 24 LEDs and a strip of LEDs running along the outer frame. What’s great about these fans, aside from their vivid lighting, is that each fan only has a 2 cable setup over the typical RGB fan which requires 4 cables.

Now, a Cooler Master booth just wouldn’t be complete without some kickass mods, and this year they were sure to impress!

This PUBG inspired mod by Nhenhopiohach is so eye-catching with it’s vivid colours and LCD display on the front panel, but look closely within the mod, and you’ll see all the hardware components are mounted on a slanted angle.

In case you couldn’t see it very well, the motherboard plate setup was display right next to the mod. What’s so special about this motherboard plate, aside from having the motherboard and graphics card mounted on an angle, is that the entire plate is removable from one PC to another, just disconnect the cables and side it out!

As if all that was not enough from Cooler Master, and there was more gaming accessories we did not cover here, they invited a DJ to perform some sick electronic beats live at their booth!

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