Computex 2018: Cougar

Next up in our coverage for Computex 2018 is Cougar!

Cougar was founded 10 years ago, and whilst they did not mention this in their marketing at this year’s Computex, they sure enough made up for it with the vast range of gaming accessories they showcased at their booth!

Gemini X

Let’s start off with their most impressive product at this year’s Computex, the Gemini X chassis. Coming in at an eye-watering US$900, the photo above of the Gemini X is deceiving. What you see is only one side of the chassis, with the Gemini X able to house 2 separate PC systems within it, one up to ATX with the secondary only taking a mini-ITX motherboard

Due to the symmetrically design of the Gemini X, you can position it vertically or horizontally, and this beast of chassis will take up a huge amount of your desk space. This beast is big and heavy, Cougar has 3mm thick aluminium for its main chassis, with the tempered glass panels at 5mm thick. Fully loaded with a water cooling system inside, you will not want to lift this system about. 

Cougar then showed us their new 700K-EBO gaming keyboard. The older Cougar 700K’s keys only illuminated in Cougar’s logo’s orange, the newer 700K-EBO has full RGB, an improved premium feel palm rest, and built-in speakers!

To the left of the new 700K-EBO is a prototype version of the PURI Metal gaming keyboard. Keeping the original PURI’s 1ms response time, the Cougar has listened to their users’ feedback of producing a sturdier keyboard with the PURI Metal having an all aluminium casing making it super heavy and sturdy, so you’re not going to be shifting your keyboard across your desktop with it.



Cougar also showcased their new PSU lines; the ZXM RGB which for the moment only has one member with 650W capacity and 80 PLUS Silver certification that features a semi-modular cable design, the BXM series which comes in 700W, 850W, and 1kW capacities and no RGB, and their new premium PXF flagship line. The PXF line will initially only come in a 1050W capacity and a fully modular cable design. The efficiency certification is 80 PLUS Platinum and the temperature rating for continuous full power delivery is 40°C.

Of course, Cougar was also eager to show off all their gaming headset range such as the Immersa and Phontom, and their sleek looking Armor, Armor S and Armor One gaming chairs.

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