Computex 2018: EKWB


When it comes to water cooling, one of the names at the top that many models look for is EK Waterblocks (EKWB) due to the vast array of mono blocks and the high quality of their products. This was the first time the Funkykit team visited EKWB at Computex, and we were eager to see what they had lined up for us.


EKWB recently showcased a new cold plate design which improves on thermal performance, and they have incorporated this cold plate design into all of the Velocity range of of CPU water blocks. The overall Velocity range does look similar to the older Supremacy EVO range, abate with this new cold plate technology. EKWB was keen to show us the Velocity CPU block for AMD’s sTR4 socket (Threadripper) which comes with 3 different tops; acetal with a frosted lining to diffuse light to the sides, a polished plexiglass top, and an all-nickel plated brass top. All of the new Velocity CPU blocks also come with a new mounting plate that supposedly improves on both looks and material strength. 

EKWB has also refreshed their monocblocks and full-cover GPU blocks, releasing them under the new name of Wave. The GPU blocks have really only has a refresh in looks in regards to new metal trims and new logo badges.

Were then shown EKWB’s latest fan offerings, where they have updated the EK-Varder fans to Vardar-X3M…..we pondered on this for a while on the new name and then realised its pronounced ‘Extreme’….



The Vardar-X3M’s has removable rubber dampening mounts on each corners which are available in a wide range of colours. When these fans are mounted, they sit with a small distance away from a PC chassis or radiator, helping to lessen and vibrations. The impeller is a new design as with a jagged rear edge on each fan blade helping to minimise drag which would create fan noise, and the casing is frosted clear for RGB lighting.


The EK-Cryofuel opaque range of coolants received an update as well. Many opaque coolants have a tendency of its small particles collecting and clumping together blocking up many people’s water cooling systems, but EKWB says they have test all of the colours shown above for over a year with no issues. 

EKWB lastly showed us a lot of new water block covering design based on customers’ feedback, such as the grooved aluminium covering plates for their CPU and GPU blocks. Personally I prefer the bling bling of a RGB water block, but the colours of these grooved aluminium covering do match well with the colour of their fittings.

Lastly we had a look at EKWB’s new ‘wooden’ water block coverings designed by the founder of EKWB, Edvard König who loves woodwork and this range was his own little project. And its just not water blocks that has had this wooden covering treatment, there are backplates, fittings and even different sized PC chassis’. I guess this is the complete opposite to RGB!



And of course, EKWB has some kickass mods on display to show their water cooling systems in action, even an immersion cooling one called Atlantis!

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