Computex 2018: EVGA


There’s something about dark coloured PC hardware components that makes them look so appealing, a kind us powerful mystique, and no other manufacturer makes motherboard, graphics cards and PSUs as dark as EVGA.

We start off by staring at the internal components of a PSU, with some of the parts clearly labelled. Aside from being a PSU, I had no idea what I was really looking at, but then was kindly informed that this is EVGA’s new Super G7 PSU which they keenly point out is currently the world’s smallest 1000W PSU! This 80 Plus Platinum-rated PSU is only 12.5cm long, and is achieved by moving some of the components off the PSU’s mainboard and onto a perpendicular daughterboard. In this tiny package you still get a 120-mm cooling fan, a single-rail 12 V design, and DC-to-DC switching.

We then stared blankly at another opened up PSU next to the Super G7 which turns out to be EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2 PSU. This monster of a PSU is ideal for those with deep pockets and is looking to build a multiple graphics card gaming setup or those building a mining rig. The EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2 is Titanium rated for maximum power efficiency and has 8 eight-pin connectors for your graphics cards. And if you think that is is powerful, there will be a 2000W version 20 eight-pin connectors which enough for 10 high-end cards!

And here are those dark mysterious motherboards! This is the new EVGA X299 Micro 2, which introduces increased power capacity with 14 power phases up from 10, better VRAM cooling as seen with the chunky black heatsink and fan, and improved wifi connector on the rear panel.



The EVGA X299 Micro 2 is set to out on the market in Q3 and priced very similarly to the X299 Micro.

Even though EVGA’s flagship motherboard the EVGA X299 Dark has been out for several months now, I just couldn’t resist taking a closer look at it.


This is the new EVGA B360 Gaming entry-level motherboard. A slight deviation from EVGA’s all dark colour scheme of the motherboards, the B360 Gaming has 4 big yellow capacitors on it which are the new audio amplifiers which EVGA says will be rolled out onto all new models of their motherboards in the future.

Next we were shown a nice looking EVGA desktop setup, but the main highlight of this setup was the BIOS screen.

The new BIOS comes with one-click overclocking for supported processors and an integrated stress test. Having these stress tests in the BIOS can save overclockers so much time as you will need to boot in Windows each time to run any stress tests. The OC Robot in the BIOS automatically tests the system and determines the best overclock with just one click of the mouse.

Lastly we have the new EVGA SC15 Max Q, which is a refresh of the model released last year which contained the GeForce 1060 and 4-core CPU, this updated version uses a more powerful GeForce 1070 Max Q and a 6-core CPU.

EVGA admits that the SC15 Max Q is not the thinnest laptop around because they have based the design on getting the maximum cooling performance out of the laptop.

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