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If you associate mods with Thermaltake at Computex, then overclocking goes hand-in-hand with G.Skill. G.Skill’s booth at every Computex also hosts their overclocking World Cup, and invite over a dozen top overclocks around the world to gather at Nangang to up the ante and get clocks nobody has ever reached before.

By the time we reached the G.Skill booth, the World Cup competition was already in full swing with the competitors working hard to beat each other. Ultimately by the end of Computex 2018, the eventual winner was Dancop from Germany, taking home the grand prize of US$10,000.


G.Skill’s newest product is the Trident Z Royal. These beauties is all about looks. Sporting golden metallic heat spreaders, G.Skill has also added a glittery light bar at the top of the memory sticks so that the RGB lighting glitters much like jewellery. (The amount of times I had to wipe fingerprints away to take these photos!)



The Trident Z Royals will run at the same clock speeds as the Trident Z RGBs, and expect these to hit the market in Q4.


These are G.Skill’s newest low profile DDR4 memory, the Ares X. These are suitable for workstations and servers, available in black, white or red.


Plenty of mods of display, and its best you wait for our video to see them in all their glory, but here’s a taster.

But I wanted to take a look at this mod in particular:

This mod is another example from this year’s Computex using immersion cooling. There are no fans to circulate the 3M coolant inside the sealed PC (it needs to be sealed otherwise the coolant would boil off), and all that bubbling you see is from the CPU and GPU furiously heating up the coolant. As the coolant boils and evaporates, there is a big fat heatsink inside the PC which in turn is cooled by a conventional water cooling system, the vapours makes contact with this cooler heatsink and then condenses and drips back down.



The down side to a system like this is that there is no upgradeability. All the cables you see coming out of this mod needs to be sealed against the mod’s surface to prevent any leaks. Want to plug in a USB drive? Unless you have preinstalled a USB extender cable, you can forget about it.


G.Skill being G.Skill, they had loads of booth babes at their booth!

And how about we end with some more RGB?!?



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