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Lian Li

Lian Li hit the headlines just a few days before the start of Computex 2018 by announcing their newest PC accessory, the Strimer RGB PSU cable, and we were there to see it up close in action to see just how well it performed.

The 24-pin Strimer isn’t much to look at when it is not illuminated, it resembles one of the others UV PSU cables that we could get from PC hardware stores. But plug it in, and it’s beautiful.

PSU cables are either dull or look messy and becomes a challenge to builders and gamers, becoming a task to manage and keep the cables tidy. Sleeved cables have become a trend and allowed a cleaner, more stylish solution into managing and presenting cables, coupled with cable combs, they made a good option until now. Lian Li is revolutionizing the cable management game with the Strimer cable LED.



The Lian Li Strimer is essentially a special lighting module that features RGB LEDs which emit lights that are then projected across the length of a sleeved PSU cable. The module has a connector to control lighting effects and is compatible with motherboards and applications from all major makers, Lian Li says. In addition, the Strimer has 10 of its own pre-programmed lighting options accessible via a controller which slots in on PCI plate at the back of the PC.

The Strimer will be available from mid-July for US$45.

Lian Li also introduced us to their new case fans; the Bora RGB and the Bora Lite which is single LED coloured which is slightly cheaper. Both the Bora RGB and Bora Lite is constructed with an aluminium frame, and it is easy to take apart for cleaning and/or swapping out different coloured aluminium faceplates to suit your PC build.

Lian Li

One of the new cases from Lian Li which caught our eyes was the new Lian Li O11 Dynamic. The O11 Dynamic is constructed out of lightweight aluminium and incorporates a  minimalist style which resembles some of the more retro Lian Li cases from years gone by.

The O11 Dynamic comes in either a silver/white or black finish, can house even a E-ATX motherboard, and don’t let it’s size fool you, it has tons of room inside for different hardware setups such as multiple water cooling radiators and even a dual PSU system.

With the design of the O11 Dynamic being so modular, you can even tip completely upside down and have you glass panel side displayed on the right.

Lian Li worked together with Razer to give the O11 Dynamic Razer Edition with full Razer Synapse and Chroma support, allowing gamers to synchronize the case’s RGB effects with their Razer peripherals. No pricing as yet for this Razer Edition, but expect it to be out in Q4 later this year.

Lastly on display was Lian Li’s latest update to their desk PC, the DK-06 priced at an eye-watering US$999! Even if you can afford one, you will not be able to get your hands on one until the end of this year. 

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