Computex 2018: ROCCAT


We only made a brief visit to ROCCAT last year, but at Computex 2018 we knew that they had something completely new for us to try out this time around, so let’s go!

This is the latest product from ROCCAT, the Vulcan keyboard. The Vulcan is actually a new range of 3 keyboards comprising of the Vulcan 80, the Vulcan 100 AIMO, and the high-end Vulcan 120 AIMO.



The high-end Vulcan 120 AIMO features a shiny aluminium finish, RGB, media keys, a volume knob and a detachable wrist-rest. The Vulcan 100 will be the same as the 120 version but comes without the wrist-rest, but you can purchase this afterwards separately. The cheapest version, the Vulcan 80 does not have any the features just listed for the 120, instead it has a blue lighting per-key, and again you can purchase the wrist-rest separately later.

The Vulcan range of keyboards all uses a new switch called Titan, which was co-developed by Roccat and TTC. The official line from ROCCAT on the Titan is that it incorporates a transparent housing and ultra-light keycaps. The company also claim they de-bounced the switch by reducing the mechanical shattering during actuation thanks to high quality materials and component, which allows the keyboard’s firmware to reliably identify key stroke signals 20% faster than the competition.

Much like the Cherry MX red switched, the Titan switches are fast. At this the slight tactile bump of the Cherry MX brown and the short travel distance of just 3.6mm, the Titan switches are ones I can really get used to.

 The Vulcan 120 AIMO will retail for around US$159.99 in Q3.

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