Computex 2018: Thermaltake

Thermaltake and mods, these 2 words go hand in hand and there’s no better place to showcase this than at Computex, and this year Thermaltake has upped the ante to display, yet again, some of the best mods.

Last year was Thermaltake’s 20th anniversary, and at Computex they unveiled a brand new PC chassis, the Level 20, to celebrate this event and at this year’s Computex they have finally announced the entire range is not available.

There are 4 models to the new Level 20 chassis range, starting from the smallest we have the VT version which surprisingly can take a micro-ATX motherboard. The Level 20 VT comes with one single 200mm fan preinstalled and has tempered glass on all sides (except rear and bottom). The motherboard try is positioned horizontally midway through the chassis, with a rear compartment underneath it for the power supply, and a front compartment for drives.

The next size up from the Level 20 VT is the XT version. The Level 20 XT can house a full sized ATX motherboard, comes with 2x200mm fans preinstalled and again has tempered glass on all sides (except rear and bottom). The bigger XT version can house up to 9 drives within it’s chassis.

The Level 20 GT is the next size up, but only by a slight amount. With an added section at the top which can house a 360mm radiator, this leaves more room inside the main compartment of the chassis for you to fit more drive, more water cooling tubing and/or more RGB fans!



Of course, the big brother of the range is the Level 20 itself which we covered in last year’s Computex, but now available in a slightly darker metallic colour over the silver frame which we saw before.

A fan from Thermaltake just wouldn’t be complete with RGB. Whilst Thermaltake already has an extensive range of RGB fans, they thought that the fans could do with a boost in terms of bling bling, and have released the Riing Duo and Riing Trio.

With the Riing duo, Thermaltake has added an extra LED ring centrally behind the motor. The take things up another notch, the Riing Trio has yet another LED ring on the outer rear of the fan…….that’s going to be super bright!

The Pacific C-Pro compression fittings are Thermaltake’s latest products for their water cooling range. Available in 6 colours, these new C-Pro fittings has a flat plate to which you align your hard tubing before screwing tight the rest of the fitting, ensuring a watertight fit.

The main mods on display were entries for Thermaltake’s own modding competition and each and every one of them were modded from a P90 chassis. To give you an idea of innovation of some of these mods, this is what a bog standard P90 chassis looks like:

…and from this, prepare to blow you mind!


Video of the Mods in Action!


Not content with just showing off their P90s mods, dotted all around Thermaltake’s booth were mods made from their other chassis’ such as the View 37 or P5.

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