Computex 2019 – Day 3: Bitspower, Bitfenix, GEIL, G-Skill, ID-Cooling, Manli, TeamGroup and Gigabyte


Bitspower are one of those brands that produce high quality water cooling components. More than half of the watercooled mods that you see at Computex uses Bitspower water cooling components. And to demonstrate this … check out the mods below.


There’s no shortage of mods at the Bitspower booth. Just look at all the variety and creativity of these modders. It’s just amazing with what they can do with PC parts. Check out the Beijing Olympic Nest stadium mod and the Game of Thrones mod.


Here’s a wall of the other Bitspower products. Here you can see all the various CPU, GPU and chipset waterblocks as well as a full range of radiator sizes.


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  1. Manli, GEIL
  2. TeamGroup, ID-Cooling
  3. G.Skill, Bitfenix
  4. Bitspower
  5. Gigabyte


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