Computex 2019 – Day 4: Antec, Corsair, EKWB, HyperX, Patriot, Phanteks And EVGA

This is our 4th and final day of our Computex 2019 coverage. We’ll be covering Antec, Corsair, EKWB, HyperX, Patriot, Phanteks And EVGA.



This year Corsair is going BIG in to water cooling with a load of new products for your custom loop. The Corsair Hydro X series offers a complete range of water cooling components including CPU and GPU waterblocks, pump/reservoir combo, radiators, fittings, coolant and hard tubing. 


Now this is interesting, it’s a system configurator developed by Corsair that allows you to select all the your water cooling components with ease. The system is clever enough to work out all the parts you’ll need, so you’ll never have to worry about missing parts for your custom build.


This is Corsair’s latest “concept” or should I say updated version of their Corsair ONE. It features an Intel Core i9-9980XE 18-core processor on a X299 motherboard with 64GB SODIMM, Nvidia Titan RTX, 750W PSU and liquid cooling.


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