Computex 2019: ZOTAC Gaming – GeForce RTX, MEK Mini, ZOTAC CUP

At Computex, you can expect some eSports competition happening simultaneously. But this year, only Zotac was hosting their ZOTAC CUP Final … there were no other booths hosting an eSports competition.

We saw a few mods including their Arctic Storm single slot RTX 2080 Ti with an integrated waterblock.

Zotac is also well known for their mini graphics card and we saw one of their RTX 2070 Mini, as well as their RTX 2080 Ti in ArticStorm and AMP Extreme versions.


Apart from graphics card, Zotac is also renowned for their mini PCs, so at this year’s Computex they showcased their gaming MEK Mini series in various colors. These mini PCs were also used at their eSport Zotac Cup Final … proving it’s full gaming potential.



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