Gundam Mini Exhibition at Olympian City

After a really heavy week at work, plus all the crazy long hours migrating the site over to WordPress … I really needed a break to clear my head, and to unwind. So, I decided to sleep-in and take it easy at the weekend. But it wasn’t before long I had to urge to do something (darn it!)… so I went to a shopping mall at Olympian City, Hong Kong.



Now, in most shopping malls in Hong Kong, you will probably see at the center stage, some company pushing their latest promotions or maybe an unknown brand showcasing their products. But today, there was something special going on at the Olympian City shopping mall … It was the Gundam Mini Exhibition! What a surprise!

Just enjoy the photo gallery and video … I did 😛



If you’re not too familiar with Gundam, here’s something to read up on …


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