HIS Digital Sponsors FunkyKit’s Mod-My-Box™ 2016

We are pleased to announce that HIS Digital is officially sponsoring FunkyKit’s Mod-My-Box™ 2016. HIS Digital will become one of several sponsors specializing in AMD Radeon-based, performance gaming Graphic Cards.



Mod-my-Box™ is a special promotional event exclusively hosted by FunkyKit. We want to give the general public a fascinating insight into the world of the modders and extreme enthusiasts, where you get to see systems that have been modified beyond belief. Visit our Mod-My-Box™ Main Page.

“Thank you for this great opportunity to sponsor Mod-my-Box 2016! We will offer our Radeon RX 480 IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB.” ~ HIS Digital


RX 480 8GB ICEQ X2 IceQX2 Roaring Turbo

HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB


More on FunkyKit’s Mod-My-Box™:

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