HKEF 2016 – Manli Technology Group Ltd

3D Printers & VR Headsets

One for the surprises for FunkyKit at HKEF 2016 was small compact stand by Manli, but was it was packed to the rim full of tech. One of the tech I was hoping to get more insight on at the HKEF 2016 was 3D printing, and Manli did not disappoint with a range of their 3D printers on show and a gallery of examples of products that can be made from their 3D printers.

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Established in 1996, Manli Technology Group Ltd. is a major manufacturers and suppliers of Computer Graphics Cards, MiniPCs, 3D Printers and other peripherals/components. Based in Hong Kong, Manli started producing graphics cards back in 2001 with the likes of ATi Radeon 9800, with their current flagship graphics card being the Manli GeForce GTX 980 Hydrosphere which has a prebuilt water-cooling solution.



Manli was kind enough to go through some of their models for Winston:


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