Our Podcast Show Ep.13 – We talk to Joaquim aka BLAZE – eSport Steamer and Content Creator

We’ve just posted our latest podcast … Episode 13 – We talk to We talk to Joaquim aka BLAZE – eSport Steamer and Content Creator. Go check it out and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

This week on our podcast show, Stephen and Winston speak to Joaquim (aka BLAZE). He’s a content creator, influencer, gamer, streamer and a former Esports athlete from Belgium. He also has a viral Twitch channel, where he streams weekly, collecting proceeds for charity. As a self professed Esports Boomer he’s been around the block and has some great experience to share for all those wanting to pursue their dreams. From what you should do, to what you should do more of, grab your Monster Energy drinks and let’s get into it!



You can find BLAZE on:


Show Highlights:

  • 00:00 – Let’s introduce Blaze (Joaquim) – The gaming muscles from Brussels
  • 04:12 – What countries have Blaze, Winston and Stephen travelled to?
  • 06:52 – How many languages does Blaze speak?
  • 11:06 – What is Dreamhack? It’s an e-sports haven!
  • 14:05 – How did Blaze get into gaming?
  • 17:38 – Soccer (football) is big in Belgium!
  • 19:49 – What’s Blaze favourite games?
  • 23:12 – What’s the most EPIC game ever?
  • 25:23 – What went wrong with the latest Halo series?
  • 28:47 – Is sponsorship important for gamers and in Esports generally?
  • 32:25 – What kind of system does Blaze have?
  • 37:49 – How does Blaze balance family and streaming?
  • 44:00 – How does Stephen balance family life with content creation?
  • 46:15 – What to hear Blaze’s advice for content creation?
  • 52:46 – Why do you need to start your own community?
  • 55:11 – What microphone and camera is Blaze using?
  • 57:52 – What’s Blaze’s advice on buying streaming equipment?
  • 59:17 – Why is it essential to engage with your community?
  • 01:02:50 – Who is Dr. DisRespect?
  • 01:03:30 – Which charities does Blaze actively involve?
  • 01:09:48 – Closing thoughts, thanks and here’s our socials


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