Our Podcast Show Ep.18 – What is the “Merge” and What Happened with EVGA?

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In Our Podcast Show this week, we’re talking about the Ethereum Merge and what it means to miners, owners, and the environment. Plus, our thoughts on EVGA and their recent decision to stop working with NVIDIA. Could it be related to the Merge? All this and more with Winston Chim and Stephen Fung!

The “Merge” is an upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain that changes the validation process for transactions, from a “Proof of Work” method (which uses lots of mining computers and vast amounts of power consumption) to a “Proof of Stake” method (which is more efficient, uses no mining computers as well as uses less power). Perhaps EVGA’s decision to exit the GPU market was more thoughtful than we think?

ALSO – The last known interview with EVGA as a GPU maker with Jacob Freeman (Our Podcast Show – September 2022) https://youtu.be/ZgKUWcW-P3A




  • 00:00 – The “Merge” on the Ethereum blockchain has happened!
  • 01:05 – What are Stephen’s thoughts on what happened to EVGA?
  • 02:57 – Why does Nvidia strictly enforce their branding on vendors?
  • 04:48 – Stephen’s past experience with Nvidia
  • 10:43 – Does Nvidia really deserve credit for anything?
  • 12:04 – Did Nvidia’s lack of communication cause of EVGA to quit the GPU market?
  • 16:02 – What’s the profit margin on high-end graphics cards?
  • 18:28 – What will the wider gaming community think of EVGA’s latest announcement?
  • 20:50 – What makes EVGA different from players like ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE?
  • 22:27 – What will EVGA focus on now?
  • 23:08 – Did Corsair almost produce Nvidia graphics cards?
  • 24:22 – How much profit margin is in cooling products?
  • 25:53 – What happens after the Ethereum “Merge”?
  • 27:44 – How many GPUs are out there mining crypto?
  • 30:19 – Why was Ethereum so popular with miners?
  • 30:54 – More used GPUs will be available on the market? Is it worth buying one?
  • 31:50 – Why is the Merge a momentous occasion in the crypto world?
  • 32:31 – What’s a validation license? And how does staking work?
  • 36:17 – Will big financial institutions become Ethereum validators?
  • 38:00 – What has the Merge done for existing users of the ETH blockchain?
  • 43:32 – Will the flood of used GPUs on the market affect new GPU prices?
  • 44:43 – What to consider when buying used GPUs?
  • 50:05 – Are used AMD GPUs better than Nvidia GPUs?
  • 52:13 – Is Intel still planning on making GPUs?
  • 53:04 – Why does Stephen prefer Nvidia graphics card?
  • 56:39 – Where to find Stephen and Winston on social media

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