Killer Instinct Season 3 launching March 29 on Xbox One and Windows 10

Killer Instinct Season 3 launching March 29 on Xbox One and Windows 10. PC gamers should be happy to know that Killer Instinct has finally arrived on the PC platform. Head over to the site to get your FREE download!

“The title is free to download, although it’s following the now-familiar Killer Instinct model of charging for access to characters and content. You can pay to unlock individual Season 3 characters at $5 a pop, and bundles range from $20 (for the eight Season 3 characters) to $60 for a Supreme Edition that offers every character ever released, all costumes, all sets and perks like experience boosters and in-game currency. If you play on the Xbox One, you’ll also get access to Killer Instinct Classic and its sequel. It’s not really as cheap as it sounds, then, but you’ll get a lot if you’ve been eager to play with Orchid, Saberwulf and crew on your desktop.”

Source: Destructoid via Engadget


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