Bungie’s Destiny 2 on PC is Nothing Like The First Game

Destiny, like Bungie’s Halo before it, was a relatively slow-paced shooter. That was ideal for console controllers, but it wouldn’t have translated well to PCs, where gamers expect everything to move much faster. Now that Destiny 2 is finally bringing the series to PCs on October 24th, I couldn’t help but wonder how Bungie would adapt it for mouse-and-keyboard play. Would it retain the slow and methodical pacing that we’re used to, or would Bungie ramp things up?



After spending some quality time with the PC version at E3, I can attest it’s a much speedier, more intense experience. That’s partially due to some gameplay improvements — switching between weapons and reloading feels a lot quicker than before — as well as the fact that I was playing the game in 4K at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second. That frame-rate bump alone makes the entire experience feel more immediate, as there’s less of a lag between what you’re inputting and how the game responds. (Check out a 4K clip of the game in action below.)

Source: Engadget


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