Cryptocarz – Blockchain Powered Multiplayer Virtual Reality-Enabled Racing Game

Developed Using The Ethereum Blockchain

Cryptocarz is a multiplayer, virtual reality (VR)-enabled racing experience, developed using the Ethereum blockchain.

To play, users will have to load the car assets into the game from an Ethereum wallet, where they are stored as an ERC721 token. The ERC721 token has paved the way for a new class of digital assets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

These allow users to own, customise and maintain control in the same way as in the physical world.

Blockchain Studios contends that this new asset class opens up new opportunities for user engagement and ownership. We believe that the first wave of innovation will come from gaming.

CryptoCarz is the first platform to bring together blockchain, VR and gaming technologies. By giving gamers new options to visualise, own, adapt and race their own car, we think a new era in gaming has arrived.


We believe gaming will be transformed by the rise – and integration – of three technologies: Blockchain, E-sports and VR.

Each of them, independently, represents a paradigm shift for game development and consumption. Their attributes will make technology more individual, inclusive and immersive. The combination of these technologies will give rise to new scenarios, where gamers can own, modify, trade and play in an unprecedented way.


The Concept

Cars, gaming and cryptocurrency are shared passions at Blockchain Studios, so combining them was a natural choice when we started working on CryptoCarz. We see strong synergies between the cryptocurrency community and gamers and we believe there is a market for a game that blends racing, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

CryptoCarz is a multiplayer, fully immersive, VR-enabled racing experience, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. To race in the game, a user will have to demonstrate ownership of a car that is modelled and stored as an ERC721 Ethereum token in the gamer’s private wallet. The car will then be loaded into the game via integration with MetaMask and other proprietary tools.

The game will initially offer 20 car models representative of the top cryptocurrencies. Each model will have a maximum of 650 units, hard-coded and numerically defined in the smart contract.

No further cars in these models will be produced in the future.

You can download the full whitepaper here or visit the website for more information.


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