Destiny 2 Free to Grab Over Client Until November 18th

Go download it for FREE!

For everyone that doesn’t already own ‘Destiny 2, here’s a quick quality-of-life announcement: the base Destiny 2 game is up for grabs, for free, over at’s client. The game, developed by Bungie and published on the PC in partnership with Activision Blizzard, has recently seen the launch of one of the more enriching expansions yet – Forsaken – and has just received a much-needed overhaul to some nagging design decisions, so it’s at its best version yet.

Of course, this free offer serves to bring non-Destiny 2 players to the fold – the idea is that if you like the game, you’ll purchase its Forsaken expansion (which includes the previous two expansions for the game, Curse of Osiris and Warmind). You have really nothing to lose here, after all, so I’d suggest you take the game for a spin.

Source: via TPU


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