EA Loses $3 Billion in Stock Value after Battlefront 2 Debacle

Ouch! Told ya … gambling doesn’t pay in the long run. You ALWAYS lose.

EA is feeling the burn after the gaming community as a whole rebelled against the microtransaction model in Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA debuted an aggressive loot box system in Battlefront 2a gashapon machine with shooter elements, which tied in-game progression to premium currency transactions that cost real money. Electronic Arts’ stock is down 8.5 percent month-to-date, which equates to around $3.1 billion in losses.

EA’s December quarter sales forecast was fairly optimistic when it came out on October 31. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian rated the stock with an outperform rating and $130 price target per share. Well, as of right now it’s trading at $109.47 a share after hitting a low today of $106.91.

After social media and Reddit were flooded with negative posts about Battlefront 2, during which an EA account on Reddit managed to get the most downvoted comment of all time, it seems like sales of the game aren’t meeting expectations. U.K. physical copy sales are down, and it’s not even on the top 100 list of Amazon’s best-selling games of the year.

Source: GameRevolution


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