Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Version Announcement Incoming?

More Halo goodness coming …

I am an assumed, and unabashedly proud, Halo fan, so yes, I believe the fact that the games’ definitive (but by no means complete) The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC is a very important matter. The Halo series’ efforts on the PC have been extremely lackluster, until now, barring the excellent Halo Wars 2 (in terms of how it runs and its PC-centric features; not talking about the game per se). Now, rumors of Microsoft being hard at work with porting the game to the PC platform have gained substantial traction, as Brad Sams, a tech journalist whose track record with Microsoft leaks has been notable, said that “Microsoft’s open secret is that they’ve been working on the Master Chief Collection for the PC, and I’m hearing that that’s getting close to release.”

This “getting close to release” plays well into the upcoming E3 event, starting July 11th. The Master Chief Collection’s release (and for wow factor, immediate availability) during the show would be an amazing way for Microsoft to market the Halo saga’s true PC vision come to life. This would pave the way for a later Halo 5: Guardians release and the already-announced-for-PC Halo infinite, which is expected only with the next generation of consoles.

Source: PCGamesN via TPU


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