Playstation 4.5 on the Way?

Just when you were getting used to the PlayStation 4,  now comes the latest iteration in progress from Sony.  Well rest easy because while there is no official ETA on its arrival, there is talk of what you can expect from the PS Four-and-A-Half to tide you over and get you ready for what to expect.  First of all, if you have heard or seen anything about devices like the Oculus Rift, then you likely are aware of the ever-increasing feasibility of consumer-grade virtual reality equipment.



Of course for the moment it is still largely in the development stages, but if such talk is to be believed the dedicated team of engineers at Sony and Microsoft may be working on ways to optimize virtual reality on the console as well as bundle it for not much more than the predecessor.  Well, we can hope anyway.  But perhaps the more important hinted-at feature is the possibility of backwards compatibility with previous-generation titles.  As I am sure many of you are aware the PlayStation 4 only works with the PlayStation 4 format of discs, unless of course you use their new application to stream such titles to your TV screen.  It is too early to say anything with real certainty at this point, but either way it goes to show just how far we have come when virtual reality with reportedly good feedback and immersion and it will likely be an exciting experience if we get to see it realized.

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