Steam Sale on Doom and Wolfenstein During Quakecon

This is for all you Quake and Wolfenstein fans out there!

QuakeCon is right around the corner, and Bethesda is determined to capitalize on the wave of good vibe for id Software’s gaming legacy — including, we’d add, the looming 25th anniversary of Doom II. To that end, it’s launching a QuakeCon sale on Steam that runs until July 30th. There are steep discounts on recent id-associated titles like the 2016 Doom reboot(67 percent off), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (also 67 percent off) and Rage 2 (50 percent off), not to mention classics like the Quake Collection (67 percent off) and the original Commander Keen series (50 percent off).

It won’t surprise you to hear that Bethesda is also using this as an excuse to slash prices on games that wouldn’t make much sense outside of QuakeCon. You can get the reimagined Prey and Dishonored 2 at 80 percent discounts, while Fallout 4 and its VR counterpart are both 75 percent off. And if you haven’t played Skyrim by this point, you can snag it or its VR edition at a 67 percent price reduction.

Yes, Bethesda is laying the groundwork for Doom EternalWolfenstein: Youngblood and other upcoming games. This is still a good excuse to explore id’s back catalog, though, and might help explain why QuakeCon persists 22 years later.

Source: Steam (1)(2) via Engadget



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