Best 10 Office 365 Features You Need to Know About

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based version of Office and is developed for businesses for collaborating and improving efficiency at workplace. Office 365 has become very popular among businesses due to its productivity enhancement features and ability to increase business ROI. While Office 365 has security features, it is still highly recommended to take regular Office 365 backup for avoiding data damage and loss. We strongly recommend Spinbackup for that purpose. It’s the only solution that offers multi cloud storage option and you can choose where to store your backup: AWS, GCP or even Azure. However we recommend not to put all eggs on the same bascket and choose AWS or GCP for your Microsoft Office 365 backup.

Using Spinbackup provides total control and protection against data loss and data leak of your Office 365 data. You can take automated daily backups of the data to an unlimited secure cloud storage. You are also assured of 100% accurate data recovery. Spinbackup offers seamless migration of data from one Office 365 account to another. Spinbackup offers fast and easy search for your Office 365 backup data to recover lost data immediately.



The best 10 Office 365 features you need to know about are as follows:

Microsoft Planner

MS Planner allows you to manage and review projects by making plans, adding teams, assigning of tasks, and making updates. It is the perfect feature for busy managers who need to work and track multiple projects simultaneously.

Resume Reading Feature for MS Word

You may have received a long Word document and don’t have the time to read through it at one go. Office 356 provides Resume Reading feature in MS Word. You can drop in and out of the document as per your convenience and pick up right from where you left during your last reading, that too on any device.  

Awesome Presentations in MS Sway

Using the Office 365, you can make awesome presentations in MS Sway. It can also be used for developing newsletters and press releases. Sway contains pre-designed templates which you can make use of for creating professional and impactful documents. You can ensure that the information is displayed in the manner that will seek attention of your clients.


Yammer is a virtual location that makes collaborating remotely easier. It’s a virtual location where employees can talk, share, and collaborate. Yammer is integrated with Outlook, Skype for Business, and One Drive for Business which lets you schedule appointments, collaborate on documents, make video conferences etc.

Email Templates

MS Outlook has rolled out a new feature called email templates. It helps you save time writing emails and focus on more productive works. Just select the email message you want to use as template, give it a name, choose where to save it, and it’s done.

Lookup Words in Documents

If you come across an unfamiliar word while reading a document, there is no need to fret. With Office 365 at your disposal, you can highlight the word, right-click, select Smart Lookup. Microsoft Word will provide you the meaning and definition of the word pulled up from the internet to the right of your screen.

No More Email Attachments

With Office 365, the days of sending email attachments are long gone. You don’t have to worry about large email attachments. You can upload all your documents to the Office 365’s cloud storage and copy and paste the link to the file on the cloud on your email. Outlook will grant permissions to the recipient to access the document which can later be revoked too.

Ease of Editing and Converting Documents

Office 365 makes it a breeze for you to create and edit files and convert them to PDF instantly with the save PDF feature. You can also edit the PDF by converting the PDF to word format and get consistent formatting.

Word Editor

Editor is a new feature added to MS Word. It is a cloud-based intelligent service that not only helps with identifying typos, it helps with grammar, spelling, and assists with writing styles. It can also make alternative suggestions for writing context. Editor uses machine learning and natural language processing.  

Real-Time Editing

Applications like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint come with real-time editing feature. It implies that you and your colleague can coauthor documents in these applications and work on the documents in real-time, seeing the changes as they are made. It increases the efficiency of getting the work done by eliminating the need to review and suggest changes offline.


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