How to Convert Audio Files Using – Online Audio Converter

Here’s a quick guide on how to convert audio files using – A free online audio converter tool. is a FREE online tool which coverts all your audio files to whatever format you wish … mostly WAV, MP4, M4A, OGG and WMA. You can also select the audio quality too. It’s a pretty amazing tool and best of all it’s FREE.

Why we use it

Our podcasts are mostly recorded on a Macbook or iPhone using Zoom HandyRec or RODE recording App, which then saves the file into .m4a format. To keep everything consistent … I need convert these file to .mp3 format for maximum compatibility between PCs, Macs, and all the web browsers.

I’ve been searching the internet for a tool (free or otherwise) to convert our podcasts from .m4a to .mp3 … then I stumbled upon

Here are 4 simple steps on how to convert all your audio files with just a couple of clicks!


Step 1 – Visit the website @


Step 2 – Select your options


  1. Select the audio files you want to convert. We recommend to convert one file at a time.
  2. Select the output you want. Choose between MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG.
  3. Select the audio quality you want. We recommend normal or high to save disk space.
  4. Click “Convert” and let the site convert the file. This may take several minutes depending on how large your audio file is.


Step 3 – Download your converted file!



Step 4 – Save your converted file!



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