Convert Videos in 5 Steps to Guarantee More Time for Creative Thinking

It’s amazing how many things we can get done nowadays, with the help of technology and intelligent Internet tools. Everything, from watching videos online to downloading files for free, is possible simply by accessing a website and making minor adjustments to the presented options.

But with so many options and fast applications, are we really getting the most out of all the time we could be using to our advantage?


Video converting brings versatility to any device

Let’s look at video converting as the most relevant example. Techniques for getting videos converted are becoming faster and much more practical to utilize. Installing programs and setting up features is a thing of the past. Now anyone can simply go online and end up with the desired file format in just a few clicks.

This kind of process can greatly simplify the entire work process and greatly reduce the time spent on doing various tasks. Therefore, enabling creativity to shine through when needed most.

The process of transforming a video’s format is great proof of the adaptability and progress that human nature can achieve when faced with demand and ideas.


Video sharing revolution on Internet platforms

Video sharing platforms have been bringing people together by offering them a creative environment where they can not only share their ideas but also view what others have created and shared with the world.

At the moment, the most accessed platforms of this sort are Vimeo and YouTube. It is truly amazing to see how these two websites have been evolving and adapting along with user needs.

To complement the excellent combination of functionality and complexity the two platforms bring to the table, converting tools have started implementing various specific options, so as to offer users the choice they prefer.

This way, anyone can have a choice, according to whether they prefer converting files found on Vimeo or on YouTube.



After accessing the video-sharing platform of choice, the 5 steps are:

  1. Open the desired video in your browser
  2. Select and copy the link of the video
  3. Go to and paste the copied link in the search box
  4. Select the output format of the resulted video
  5. Press the convert now button

The resulted file can be downloaded in either video or audio form by pressing the Download button. The following audio formats are available on the website: mp3, aac, m4a, and wav. Alternatively, you can also choose one of the video formats: mp4, flv, ogg, webm, mkv, or avi.

Because users are looking to get more out of this kind of online tool, various options are starting to be implemented, so as to enhance usability. For example, on Videoconvert, you can find a cropping feature. This allows the selection of a segment of the file meant to be converted. This way, a user doesn’t need to find an additional application, compatible with the project’s end goal.


The excellence of simplicity

Small added features can greatly ease the process of an online tool, without making it overly complicated to use. This is what today’s fast-paced Internet-driven world is all about.

As tools and applications change and evolve, users can look forward to getting more and more out of such platforms. Sharing videos, exchanging experiences and even meeting like-minded people are but some of the advantages the constant evolution of Internet platforms brings to the world. Thus forever transforming the way we interact with our peers, view society and relate to others.


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