How do I mass delete photos on my iPhone camera roll?


My friend recently asked me if I could help him, with something which he said was urgent. I asked what it was. Basically his iPhone 5 16Gb is completely full with no storage space left!

I checked his iPhone 5 to see what was taking up so much space. As it turns out, he had well over 2,000 items in his camera roll. I told him he needs to delete some of the photos (or video clips) in the camera roll folder.


Since he’s already backed up his iPhone 5, he wanted to deleted everything in the camera roll. Now here’s the issue … Opps! there’s now “Select All” on  the iPhone 5 (or on any iPhone for that matter), and so it doesn’t allow you to sellect all and delete the photos in one go. So how do we solve this? Read on …


Method 1: Deleting the entire Camera Roll via Windows

Now, here’s the simplest way of mass deleting all the photos in your camera roll. Make your your iPhone is unlocked and then plug it into your PC via the USB cable, Autoplay should give you a pop-up, select ‘Open device to view files’. 


win explorer


Then open Internal Storage -> DCIM -> then you will see some more folders (in our case it’s 860OKMZO). Open the folder, select all and delete all the files inside.

There have been reports that the above method may not work. If so, you might want to check out our next bit of information below …



Method 2: Deleting the entire Camera Roll via iTunes

If you regularly use iTunes to sync your iPhone including your photos, then this is another method in which you can delete all your photos in your camera roll with ease. All you have to do is uncheck the “Sync Photos” option and you will be asked to whether you want to “Remove Photos” … in this case, the answer is YES. WARNING: This will remove all your photos!


itunes photos


  • Connect the iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes
  • Go to Devices, then select your iPhone
  • Click on the Photos tab
  • Uncheck the Sync Photos option and click on Remove Photos
  • Click Apply. 



Method 3: Deleting the entire Camera Roll using iExplorer

For advanced users (only) …

If you want to remove a batch of photos and videos in the camera roll with ease, without you having to select each item one at a time … then iExplorer can help. This piece of software is especially handy if you have 1000’s and thousands of photos and videos. It’s available for Mac and Windows computers. You can download iExplorer from their official website, or visit our forums for instructions on how download the 32-bit version.

This software allows you to browse through your media folder on your iPhone, and you’ll be able tor choose the photos you want to delete and do it in one go.

Once you’ve installed the application on your computer, make sure you have your iPhone connected to the PC via USB and then open iExplorer. Photos can be found on your device in the directory called Media/DCIM.


WARNING: We are not responisble for any damages to your iPhone, lost data or deleted files/photos. Use this software at your OWN RISK.


delete all

Select Media ->DCIM. Right click on 100APPLE and select delete.



Deleting individual photos

 delete single

Select Media ->DCIM -> 100APPLE. Right click on the photo you want to delete and then select delete.


On a Mac, you can use the application Image Capture. This will show all of the photos on your iPhone camera roll. Image Capture can be used to import the photos to your computer or delete multiple pictures all at once.



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