How to add contacts to your iPhone using CardDAV


Since the beginning of this year 2013 (or late 2012 – according to some users) Google has STOPPED users from creating any new Exchange accounts. What a bummer! What this means is that you no longer have the ability to sync your contacts using the “Exchange” option … in other words no more EAS (Exchange Active Sync).



However, if were lucky enough NOT to upgrade/update your iOS and switch over to a new device AND you’ve been using Google’s Exchange Active Sync for emails and contacts all along … then you’re safe. But for the rest of us … it’s a pain! No more active syncing of Google contacts!

So is there a way around this? … Of course! It’s Winston you’re talking to here 😉 By using the CardDAV option, you should be able to sync your contacts with Google just as you did with Exchange Active Sync. In this short article, we will show you how it’s done …




Goto Settings and Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”




 Now select “Add Account”




And then select “Other”




See the option for “Add CardDAV Account” … select that.




Complete your account details … as above.




If you get this pop-up … select “Continue”




You can go back and check account details to make sure or delete it.


It’s a pain … but the CardDAV option will allow you to sync your contacts with Google and vice versa. It just means you have to set it up separately. An account just for email (Gmail) and another account for contacts (CardDAV).


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