How To Get Amazing B-Rolls and Smooth Scrolling Video Footage

After getting myself into photography over the past few months (or more specifically – videography), I am now at the stage where I want to produce more creative footage.

B-Rolls and smooth scrolling video footage is what I need more. It just adds more depth and creative content in my videos. But how can I do this? 



The easiest by far is to go and get yourself a gibmal or stabalizer for your camera. It’s an investment of around USD $400-600 depending on which model you get. With a gibmal or stabalizer, you’ll be able to get super smooth video footage no matter what the location or subject, both indoors and outdoors.

For my purpose, I wanted to get something I can mount my camera on, and get some nice smooth scrolling video footage of the product/subject (mostly indoors).

What was the solution? Well, it’s super simple and inexpensive … get yourself a roller skate or dolly for your camera.


What do you need?

Here’s a short list of the items you’ll need. You can get them from eBay for Amazon. I’ve included some links …

Watch the video above to see how to get amazingly smooth video footage, and B-Rolls so that you can use them for your videos.



Here’s a couple of photos showing my Canon EOS M6 mounted on the camera roller skate/dolly using a ball joint. These are the only two items you’ll need, and a smooth steady hand of course 😉

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