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Although Alexa and its ranking system have been widely disputed by webmasters as useless pointless, it is still being used by many advertisers as a quick tool to evaluate website traffic and the overall performance trend of the website. It is unfortunate that Alexa is still being used this way. Ask any webmaster and they will tell you that Alexa Rankings has no relevance to REAL traffic or pageviews of your website.



Having said that, many Ad networks such as ContextWeb, Burst Media, BuySellAds, rely on Alexa Rankings when deciding whether to approve or disapprove a particular website. So with this in mind, I will try and show you how to increase your Alexa Rankings in this article.

There are many methods which webmaster use to increase alexa ranking of their website. There are some tips which have proven to work, while some tips are questionable … either way, there’s no harm in trying. Check out the tips below, hopefully it will show you how to increase Alexa rankinga of your website.


  1. Use Alexa toolbar which is available for all major popular browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome. You can download the official tool from Alexa’s site or download it as an extension/add-on for browser. (Proven)
    For FireFox users … Please read this article. How to install Alexa Add-on for FireFox.
  2. Put Alexa widget on your website. Some say it works while others say it makes no difference. There’s no harm in trying.

  3. Encourage persons to use the Alexa toolbar on their browser and ask them to set your website as their home page.(Proven)

  4. Ask others to put a positive review about your website on Alexa. This can help to increase your Alexa ranking.

  5. Spread your website URL in webmaster forums such as and put your URL as your signature.(Proven)

  6. Use Alexa redirects for your website URL. You can try this and use same URL in your signatures and footers. Redirect is counted as one unique IP per day, so clicking same redirect multiple times won’t help so use this with caution.(** Currently on works for IE)
  7. Use social networks such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook and Twitter. This will help you bring in good quality traffic which, in turn will definitely help you increase your Alexa ranking. (Proven)
  8. Use reload apps and add-ons for your web browser. This will allow your website to be re-freshed every few minutes or hours. Although some say it’s not recommended … it’s no different to you visiting the same website serveral times a day. I do it with the BBC news website daily.


There are many different ways of increasing visitors, pageviews and traffic rank. What’s important is that you constantly update your website is good, original content. Let’s hope these techniques can help you increase your Alexa ranking.

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