How to post articles and photo gallery using WordPress

Here’s a quick guide on how to post articles, reviews and blogs as well as inserting photos and photo galleries.

Step 1 – Posting articles, reviews and blogs


  1. Click on Posts
  2. Click on Add New



  1. Enter the Title of the article, post or review
  2. Enter the text and contents
  3. Select the correct Category



  1. You can now skip this part. Click on Insert Read More icon to separate the intro text
  2. If your article has more pages … then use the Page break icon


Step 2 – Mandatory: Now we do some SEO …


  1. Copy Focus key words from the title of your article. Example above: “biggest and best”
  2. Enter the correct Tags
  3. You can now skip this part. Click Edit Snippet



  1. You can now skip this part. Copy the first paragraph of your article/post into the Meta Description
  2. Check that both boxes A and B has the keywords as in the Focus Keyword and Tags
  3. When you’re ready you can click Publish 🙂


Step 3 – Mandatory: Inserting SINGLE Photos in your articles

You can insert single images/photos using WordPress’s own media tool. This would be good for news posts or article posts.

If you already have a photo gallery of a review product, and would like to select one of the photos from the gallery to insert as a single photo, please see Step 5 and Step 6.


  • To insert a single photo in your article, click on Add Media icon (circled in RED).



  1. Click Insert Media
  2. Upload Files
  3. Drag and Drop your photos or upload via browser
  4. Insert photos once photos have been uploaded … SEE BELOW



  1. Select Media Library
  2. Click on the single photo you want to insert
  3. Select the size of the photo … I usually select Full Size (so remember to resize your photos to 1024×768 or 800×600 – to save bandwidth 😉
  4. Now you can Insert into post


Step 4 – Mandatory: Insert a Featured Image


  1. On the bottom right of the editor, you’ll see Set Featured Image. Select it.
  2. A new Insert Media window will open (like step 3). Select the photo you want to use as the featured image.


Step 5 – Optional: Inserting Photo Gallery into your articles

If you have a photo gallery of a review product already, and would like to select one of the photos from the gallery to insert as a single photo … First, you need to create your gallery, see below.

We’ll be using the built-in WordPress Photo Gallery maker.

Click on the “Add Media” icon … 

  1. Click Create Gallery
  2. Select the photos you want to add to the gallery
  3. Click Create a new gallery

The next page will be shown below …

  1. Select the number of columns
  2. I recommend selecting Medium or Large (mostly I use Large)
  3. Now click Insert gallery


That’s it! But I hope this guide will help you post articles, reviews and blogs, as well as inserting photos and photo galleries with ease.


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