How to post news and reviews on the Front Page


Here’s quick guide on how to post on the Front Page for news and reviews. This article if for all our editors … Just follow the simple steps.

Step 1

1. Enter the Title of the Article. Leave Alias blank.

2. Select Centre align for images

3. Use image uploader and select the image

4. Enter your own words and quote 2-3 lines from the Source

5. Don’t for get to type the link the Source




Step 2

6. Select the Metadata tab

7. Copy and paste the first sentence of your own words.

8. Type in the keywords separated by a comma





Step 3

9. Select the Publishing tab

10. Select the CORRECT category or subcategory

11. “Featured” means it will post to the Front page … always select this for news, blogs and articles.

12. Make the article “Public” for everyone to see … OR select “Special” for preview and only the team can see.


CLICK SAVE and you’re DONE 🙂

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