How to sync your Twitter account with Facebook


Many of us will have several social media accounts … like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. However, it’s a real pain to manage these accounts separately. I, myself only really use two … Twitter and Facebook. So, to save me a lot of time and hassle, I’ve decided to sync my Twitter account with my Facebook. Once these acoounts are sync’ed, all I need to do is to post once on my Twitter account and my post will be displayed automatically on my Facebook account.


In this article we will how you how it’s done. No need to log into separate accounts … just post once and be done with it!



  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Go to Settings





  • Select Profile from the menu on the left-hand side
  • On the profile page near the bottom, click on the box “Login to Facebook”



  • Make sure the check box is ticked “post to my Facebook profile” (as shown by the red arrow)
  • Click Save changes


NB: If you want to do it the other way round ie. Facebook to Twitter … then follow this link:

I hope that was a useful tip … be sure to check out our interesting articles, how-tos and guides below.


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