How to Vlog on Your Smartphone

How to start Youtubing if you don’t have a budget for a new camera equipment? Use your smartphone. Don’t be afraid of making a bad quality video. To become better in something, you have to do it over and over again. Repetition is a must. Thus, the price of your camera doesn’t really matter when you only start a channel.

Many YouTubers manage to make incredible travel videos with professional cinematic effects using an iPhone only. Your phone is in your pocket 24/7. Thus, you can reach for it any moment you want and make a video even without having a camera next to you. But is an iPhone absolutely enough for a great video? What else might you need to know or buy to help you vlog with an iPhone even better? Do you need a vlogging tripod or lens? And what’s about lighting?

Let’s have a look.


Vlogging on a Smartphone: Tips & Tricks

To get the best result, learn how to hold and use your smartphone. Probably, you’ll need additional equipment for even better quality. Don’t worry, everything is affordable and doesn’t cost a fortune.

There are a few simple techniques to get the best results. Only experienced YouTubers use them as they already know how to adjust a smartphone to a proper indoor and outdoor filming.

  • First of all, you need a mini tripod. Believe it or not, but the quality will drastically improve only by adding a tripod. First of all, it has an option of being handheld. Secondly, it has the option of being a real tripod and stably hold your smartphone on any surface.
  • Lenses. Even a smartphone requires new lenses when it comes to creating a qualitative content. If you want to enhance the picture, search online and pick one of the best lenses offered for iPhone photography specifically. This will help you to avoid a cropped video effect, which is typical for iPhone and Android. A lens gives a wider look to the vlogs and the effect of the first-person look. Probably, you’ll need more than only one lens.
  • Microphone. If you’re already serious about filming on iPhone, get a microphone too. It is not an extremely expensive purchase, but the improvement it gives to a video is huge.
  • Treat it as an expensive camera. Don’t forget about the light and composition. Settings on your iPhone are as important as the settings on a high-end camera. Google and learn special iPhone techniques. Research the art of filmmaking specifically on a smartphone.

If you don’t have money for a high-end camera or want to step away from bringing it with you everywhere, just use your phone. It is the best replacement ever as it is always in your pocket and it provides great quality, especially if upgraded with a few tech pieces like microphone, lenses, and tripod. Get incredible videos on a budget by using a few tools and knowing the techniques.


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