Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Hot Keys A-to-C (Part 1)

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Have you ever wondered if there are shortcuts or hot keys which you can use to help you sail your way through Microsoft Office? Well, of course … and there are loads of shortcuts and hot keys available. Take a look below …

I’ve made a quick guide to the all the shortcuts and hot keys available for Microsoft Office … which you can use on Excel, Powerpoint, Word and more. Part 1 covers A-C. Enjoy.


Command Name Modifiers Key
All Caps Ctrl+Shift+ A
App Restore Alt+ F5
Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ K
Bold Ctrl+ B
Bold Ctrl+Shift+ B
Bookmark Ctrl+Shift+ F5
Browse Next Ctrl+ Page Down
Browse Prev Ctrl+ Page Up
Browse Sel Alt+Ctrl+ Home
Cancel   Esc
Change Case Shift+ F3
Char Left   Left
Char Left Extend Shift+ Left
Char Right   Right
Char Right Extend Shift+ Right
Clear   Del
Close Pane Alt+Shift+ C
Column Break Ctrl+Shift+ Return
Column Select Ctrl+Shift+ F8
Copy Ctrl+ C
Copy Ctrl+ Insert
Copy Format Ctrl+Shift+ C
CopyToFrom Shift+ F2
Create Auto Text Alt+ F3
Customize Keyboard Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ Num +
Cut Ctrl+ X
Cut Shift+ Del


Check out the other Shortcuts and Hot Keys available below …



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